University of Pisa



Intelligent Data Analysis algorithms for monitoring mono and multi-agent systems: Digital Applications in the Tissue Industry
May 2019 – April 2020
(Unipi.DII, Fabio Perini – K├Ârber Solutions)


Sensorized footwear for gait analysis.
Oct 2018 – April 2020
(Carlos, Adatec, CNR.ISTI, Michelotti, Schema31, Unipi.DII)


IoT-enabled operational intelligence.
Jan 2019 – Dec 2019
(Geostech, SSUP.Biorobotics, Unipi.DII)

PRA 2018_81

Wearable sensor systems:
personalized analysis and data security in healthcare.

July 2018 – July 2020
(Unipi.DII, Unipi.MED)


Adaptive exploration of a UAVs swarm
for distributed targets detection and tracking

Sept 2016 – March 2019
(IDS, Abstraqt, CNR.ISTI, CNR.NANO, Geo Soluctions, INSTM, Unipi.DII)


Process Mining and Interoperability Frameworks for Small-Medium Enterprises
Apr 2017 – Nov 2017
(Unipi.DII, RjcSoft)

PRA 2016_24

Analysis of Sensory Data:
from Traditional Sensors to Social Sensors.

Nov 2015 – Nov 2016

PMI 3.0

Collaborative and dynamic networks in SMEs:
processes, models, technologies.
March 2012 – March 2014
(Sigima, Dierre, Gozzini, Catarsi, Unipi.DESTEC, Unipi.DII)

PRIN 2010-11

Automated remote monitoring system
for freight and surveillance operators.

(Unpi.SP, Unipi.EC, Unipi.DII, CNR.ISTI)